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Portland Sprinkler Repair & Installation is a specialized business division of irrigation technicians operated by Shovel & Thumb. We are your expert and reliable source for repairs, upgrades, maintenance, and installations.

A functioning sprinkler system allows homeowners to properly take care of their dream landscape. However, broken-down or outdated systems could lead to ineffective lawn irrigation. Our qualified technicians can remedy that.

With vast industry knowledge and years of expertise, we have helped countless of Oregonians maintain an efficient sprinkler system. We are proud of our customer service, timely responses, and competitive prices.

Have reason to believe your sprinklers are not working properly? Chances are great that the irrigation system needs professional maintenance. Call our office immediately to schedule an appointment. Our team will respond quickly and arrive on time to tackle any irrigation problem.

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Not all signs of a malfunctioning sprinkler system are apparent. In fact, several weeks can pass before noticing that a landscape is not being properly irrigated. If you are currently experiencing any of the following issues, then call us to repair the sprinkler system:

  • Parched Grass – The lawn has areas of brown or dying grass. This means water is not reaching its intended target.
  • Permanent Wet Spots – If the lawn is often storing water in certain areas, the sprinkler system needs to be adjusted immediately.
  • Sputtering Heads – “Coughing” or sputtering sprinkler heads indicate clogging. In most cases, this kind of problem is related to the internal valves.
  • High or Low Pressure – Extra pressure does not help the irrigation system to water correctly. Other times, sprinklers will drip water instead of irrigating normally.
  • High Water Bill – This is a telltale sign that an essential component of the irrigation system is not working properly.


First, our technicians will test the sprinklers and inspect all the components to determine the type of repairs that the system needs. After that, we will give you an estimate based on the work involved and the needed replacement parts.

When you accept our estimate and set a date for the execution of the project, our technicians will begin repairing the sprinkler system with the objective to provide the best irrigation for the current landscape.

After our technicians have carried out the necessary sprinkler repairs, we will follow up to make sure your irrigation system is working flawlessly as promised.

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Before reactivating the irrigation system in the spring, check the sprinkler heads to make sure they are not blocked. Clear any debris that might cause a disrepair.

To avoid damaging the pipes of the irrigation system, winterize the sprinklers one week before the first frost of each year. This will save you costly repairs during the spring.

Inspect the areas you intend to irrigate and look for persistent dry or wet lawn spots. These types of spots indicate problems with the water pressure of the system.

Ideally, a technician should perform an irrigation audit and sprinkler service tune-up at least once a year to detect potential issues and make sure your lawn is getting the best out of the system.


Is your irrigation system antiquated? If you own an old system that is giving your lawn more trouble than care, than it is time to upgrade.

Systems that are older than 10 years turn inoperable in most cases or require constant maintenance. Our technicians can optimize outdated sprinkler systems to improve their efficiency without raising the water bills.

Upgrading to a more competent design with climate or soil moisture sensor-based controllers will automatically adjust the irrigation schedule according to the specific needs of the lawn.

Lastly, switching to a drip irrigation system might be the best watering option if you have container plants, garden beds, or vegetables inside your landscape.


Do not let a faulty sprinkler system get in your way. Whether your yard is a place to work, play, or enjoy the great outdoors, we will guarantee your landscape will look healthy and green all year round.

We are qualified to perform any irrigation related service, including sprinkler system installation. Call us for inquires, a customer service representative will attend your needs immediately.