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Portland Sprinkler Repair & Installation is a specialized business division of irrigation technicians operated by Shovel & Thumb. We are your expert and reliable source for repairs, upgrades, maintenance, and installations.

Drip line systems irrigate vegetation with controlled amounts of liquid fertilizer and water through pipes, tubes, and valves. These essential irrigation components are operated by emitters and pumps.

If you have container plants, garden beds, or vegetables inside your landscape, then drip irrigation might be the best watering solution for you. An efficient drip system can optimize the growth results of greenery and reduce water consumption significantly.

Due to this, many property owners in Portland, OR, have switched from spray irrigation to drip irrigation. The system has a simple design, is easy to install, and maximizes vegetation health. However, it must be properly maintained.

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Wondering about the benefits of a drip irrigation system? Well, wonder no more, here are some of them:

  • Uses 30-50% less water than the usual irrigation methods due to minimal evaporation and overspray.
  • There is no need for a gravel filled trench because the supply lines can lie under mulch or above ground.
  • The precise delivery of water minimizes runoff and erosion.
  • Continuous water flow penetrates the root zones of vegetation and provides ideal growth conditions.
  • Fungal diseases, which grow under moist conditions, are controlled.
  • It can be easily modified according to the changing needs of a landscape.


Whether it is a first-time sprinkler system installation or you are seeking to expand an existing drip line, there are five essential steps involved:

  • Evaluation: An inspection of your landscape will determine your needs.
  • Recommendation: After the assessment, our technicians will recommend either a prefabricated or custom-made drip system.
  • Estimate: We will give you a comprehensive estimate according to the type of drip irrigation system that your lawn needs.
  • Time: Once the budget is set, we will specify a delivery date for the project.
  • Installation: Our technicians will start the installation as soon as possible, to deliver the drip system on-time and on-budget.
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As with any equipment, drip irrigation systems require regular maintenance to ensure their proper functionality. Some basic DIY maintenance tasks can go a long way in preserving a system. Consider that not every drip irrigation system has the same functionally, but it might be sufficient to carry out the next three maintenance procedures:

  • Flushing: Open both ends of the system and run water through at high pressure. Do this once a month to get rid of silt that accumulates at the rear ends.
  • Unclogging: Unclog the holes of the outlet nozzles. This removes the salts and other solids present in the irrigation water that could build up and cause a blockage.
  • Cleaning: Clean the filters constantly to ensure the appropriate flow of water into the pipes.

Carrying out these routine maintenance tasks do not negate the need to call a professional. Each year, an inspection of the entire system must be conducted to identify any existing underlying issues.


Disrepairs are usually prevented with a routine of maintenance. Yet, some basic problems are common on most drip irrigation systems, regardless of how carefully they have been used and preserved. These issues include:

  • Broken pipes
  • System leaks
  • Clogged or obstructed distribution lines
  • Damaged drip emitters
  • Faulty irrigation valves

A professional sprinkler repair service can ensure that your system is always operating smoothly. If needed, our experienced technicians can quickly fix any drip irrigation system. We service both residential and commercial properties in the Portland area.

Over the years, we have established an excellent reputation that speaks for itself. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. This means that our job will not be complete until you are fully pleased with the end results. Try us, you will not be disappointed.