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The irrigation job was done quickly and competently. I appreciated that there was no upselling.

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At some point, all irrigation systems require maintenance. Most malfunctions can be traced back to inadequate upkeep. By diligently maintaining your system and replacing worn-out parts, you can avoid costly repairs and ensure a thriving landscape. Plus, routine maintenance keeps your system running efficiently when it is needed most.

However, irrigation systems comprise numerous components that collectively irrigate your lawn. Some of these parts are durable, while others have a life expectancy of about 5-10 years. This variability can make it challenging for novices to track which irrigation parts require replacement.

If you’re not familiar with servicing irrigation systems, it’s best to entrust this task to professionals. Our team possesses the necessary knowledge to identify any issues with your irrigation equipment and implement suitable repairs. They can work on all types of sprinkler systems, regardless of age or size.

Faulty sprinklers – At some point, you might encounter clogged nozzles in your sprinkler system. This issue not only diminishes the effectiveness of your irrigation system but can also harm your lawn if left unaddressed. Minor clogs might be easily cleared with a screwdriver, but more severe ones may necessitate professional intervention and possible nozzle replacement.

Broken pipes – Leaks resulting from burst pipes can squander significant amounts of water and inflict serious damage on your lawn. Routinely inspect your system for leaks by turning off the main supply valve and looking for dripping water or damp spots in your yard. Don’t forget to check individual valves for leaks.

Inoperable device – The most common reason for an unresponsive irrigation system is power loss. This condition temporarily incapacitates the controller, stopping it from sending signals to the valves operating the sprinklers. Check your controller for power loss symptoms; if its digital display is blank, it indicates a power outage.

To keep your irrigation system functioning optimally, regular maintenance is vital. While you can perform some tasks independently, hiring a professional irrigation company with the requisite skills and equipment will ensure the job is done correctly.

If you’re facing issues such as malfunctioning sprinkler heads, reduced water pressure, or brown lawn spots, our company can perform a thorough system audit to ensure your unit is functioning correctly. We will pinpoint all areas of concern needing attention to maximize irrigation efficiency.

Our technicians will execute an irrigation tune-up to enhance the performance of essential components. This process involves cleaning out debris from the sprinkler heads and risers and replacing any damaged or missing parts. We will also check the system for leaks by running it through its programmed cycle for all zones, allowing us to identify issues before carrying out any sprinkler repairs.

Whether you are deactivating or activating an existing irrigation system, it’s crucial to have a planned maintenance schedule. Our irrigation company can collaborate with your lawn care or landscape provider to devise a seasonal plan, ensuring your vegetation remains vibrant and healthy throughout the year.

Sprinkler winterization is necessary in areas experiencing regular frost. Irrigation systems must be purged using compressed air to safeguard them from cold temperatures. The air pressure is applied to the sprinkler system via the supply line and then sent throughout the unit to eliminate residual water.

Professional service can also ensure your system operates smoothly during the hot summer months. Our irrigation specialists can inspect each mechanical component, remove all debris, and confirm that everything is functioning correctly. They also inspect for leaks that might have emerged over the winter months, promptly fixing any detected issues.