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Irrigation Installation in Portland, OR

Our knowledgeable crew can install, service and repair all brands of irrigation systems. We build relationships with our customers as a locally owned business by offering exceptional irrigation services at reasonable prices.

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Irrigation Systems in Portland

The benefits of our irrigation systems are endless. First and foremost, you will be saving yourself time and energy by not having to worry about watering the lawn. You do not have to lug around a hose anymore or stress about how long you have been spraying the grass. You can simply enjoy your beautiful yard.

Installing an irrigation unit can also help you save money by conserving water. With a properly designed system, you can ensure that the right amount of water is being used to support the health of your vegetation. Irrigation devices are also convenient if installed with a rain sensor to deactivate the equipment during periods of heavy rainfall.

With an automatic watering system, your landscape will always stay green. You will never have to worry about dead plants or patches of brown grass. All of our units are fully adjustable for the best possible coverage and efficiency. Contact us today for professional irrigation services in the Portland area.





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Spray Sprinklers vs. Drip Irrigation

Spray irrigation is a method of applying water to a lawn in a fine spray that simulates rainfall. It relies on the same principles as large-scale agricultural irrigation, which has been used for thousands of years. Most of these systems are controlled by a timer that turns the equipment on and off at specific intervals. Some spray irrigation units have multiple valves that allow a customizable watering schedule.

Drip irrigation is a type of micro-irrigation that can save resources through a network of valves, tubing, and emitters that allow water to drip slowly on the soil surface or on the roots of plants. The slow application of water minimizes run-off, allows for infiltration into the soil, and reduces evaporation losses.

Our irrigation devices are designed to provide the exact amount of water your vegetation needs. You do not have to guess when, where, or how to water the landscape. We have established a solid reputation based on our dedication to customer service and high-quality systems. Our drip irrigation installers are knowledgeable in their field, ensuring a professional labor every time.

Irrigation System Installation

01. Assessment – Our initial consultation will help us determine which system configuration is best for your property. To create a custom design, the technician will ask about your specific needs and expectations before measuring the lawn. Some of the factors which need to be considered include yard size, soil type, and landscape vegetation.

02. Installation – We will complete the installation of your new irrigation system while providing an explanation of how it will operate. Once installed, we test the equipment to ensure that everything is working correctly. Careful testing and calibration of each irrigation zone guarantee that your entire lawn gets even coverage.

03. Maintenance – It is a common misconception that an irrigation system operates without any need for human intervention. In reality, most devices require periodic maintenance by a qualified professional. Our technicians can monitor the watering equipment closely and make occasional adjustments.

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Basic Irrigation Maintenance

System audit – Because the conditions of your landscape are constantly changing, you should plan on having us perform irrigation maintenance once or twice a year. The assessment will help us identify possible modifications for your irrigation system. At the end of our audit, we will provide a full report.

Winterization – Sprinkler winterization, also known as blowout, involves using compressed air to remove all water from the irrigation lines. Water that remains within the pipes during the cold months can freeze, expand and cause them to burst. Even if you do not live in an area that gets extremely cold, it is crucial to have the sprinklers blown out because temperatures can still dip below freezing.

Spring activation – A sprinkler start-up is a service that prepares your irrigation system for the upcoming growing season. The technician will turn on the water, inspect each irrigation zone, and adjust all sprinkler heads. After verifying that everything is operating correctly, the technician will program the timer accordingly. Any repairs needed will also be completed at this time.

Residential & Commercial

We specialize in providing quality irrigation services for both residential and commercial landscapes. With our vast years of experience in the irrigation industry, you can rest assured that we know how to handle any type of situation. Our qualified technicians are trained with the latest irrigation techniques and equipment to preserve the health of your vegetation.


Damaged parts impact the overall efficiency of a system and deteriorate the health of a landscape.


To avoid constant disrepairs, an irrigation system requires periodical maintenance throughout the year.


Due to wear and tear, outdated irrigation systems need to be replaced approximately every 15 years.


Currently, spray sprinklers and drip lines are the standard solution for common irrigation needs.

Call Our Licensed Technicians

Whether you are looking to repair an existing sprinkler system or need help with a new installation, our technicians can help. They will arrive at your location with all the necessary equipment required for a project. Our professionals have the industry knowledge to complete every assignment.

We are committed to providing our clients with the best irrigation services available. We have been serving the community for many years, and we are looking forward to helping you as well. If you have any questions, then get in touch with a representative who can give you more information.