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They arrived on time, inspected the sprinkler system, and quickly figured out the cause of the issue.

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They were incredibly friendly and knowledgeable about what needed to be done to install sprinklers.

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The irrigation job was done quickly and competently. I appreciated that there was no upselling.

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The benefits of our irrigation systems are manifold. Primarily, they save you time and energy by relieving you of the burden of watering the lawn. Gone are the days of lugging around a hose or stressing over the duration of watering. You can simply enjoy your beautiful yard.

Installing an irrigation system can also help you conserve water, thereby saving money. With a properly designed system, you can ensure the correct amount of water is being used to maintain the health of your vegetation. An added convenience is the option to install a rain sensor, which deactivates the system during periods of heavy rainfall.

An automatic watering system guarantees a perpetually green landscape. You will never have to worry about dead plants or patches of brown grass. All of our units are fully adjustable for optimal coverage and efficiency. Contact us today for professional irrigation services in the Portland area.

Spray irrigation applies water to a lawn in a fine spray that simulates rainfall, relying on principles used in large-scale agricultural irrigation for thousands of years. Most systems are controlled by a timer that activates and deactivates the equipment at set intervals. Some spray irrigation units even have multiple valves that allow a customizable watering schedule.

On the other hand, drip irrigation, a type of micro-irrigation, saves resources by employing a network of valves, tubing, and emitters. This allows water to drip slowly onto the soil surface or plant roots, reducing run-off, facilitating soil infiltration, and minimizing evaporation losses.

Our irrigation devices are designed to provide the exact amount of water your vegetation requires. You don’t have to guess when, where, or how to water your landscape. Our commitment to customer service and high-quality systems has earned us a solid reputation. Our knowledgeable drip irrigation installers ensure professional work every time.

01. Assessment – Our initial consultation will help us ascertain which system configuration is best for your property. To create a custom design, the technician will inquire about your specific needs and expectations, followed by a measurement of the lawn. Factors like yard size, soil type, and landscape vegetation will be considered.

02. Estimate – After the assessment, our team will provide a detailed estimate of the irrigation system. This includes costs for labor and materials. We believe in transparency, so we ensure all charges are clearly explained. Our estimates are competitive, offering you the best value for the highest quality service.

03. Installation – We will carry out the installation of your new irrigation system, explaining its operation in the process. Once installed, we test the equipment to ensure everything is functioning correctly. Thorough testing and calibration of each irrigation zone guarantees even coverage across your entire lawn.

Contrary to common belief, a new irrigation system does require periodic maintenance by a qualified professional. Our technicians can monitor your watering equipment closely with the following services:

System audit – As your landscape conditions constantly evolve, it is advisable to have us perform irrigation maintenance once or twice a year. This audit will help us identify potential modifications to your irrigation system. We will provide a comprehensive report at the end of our audit.

Winterization – Also known as a blowout, sprinkler winterization involves using compressed air to remove all water from the irrigation lines. If water remains within the pipes during cold months, it can freeze, expand, and potentially cause them to burst. Regardless of whether you live in an area with severe cold, it is vital to have the sprinklers blown out as temperatures can still dip below freezing.

Spring activation – A sprinkler start-up is a service that readies your irrigation system for the upcoming growing season. The technician will turn on the water, inspect each irrigation zone, and adjust all sprinkler heads. After confirming everything is operating correctly, the technician will set the timer as needed. Any necessary repairs will also be completed during this service.