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Spray sprinklers are a great way to help make sure your lawn stays green and lush. Since the irrigation system has no use during the frost season, it needs to be winterized before it can be properly used during springtime. Once the cold ends, a spring startup will be essential.

It is possible to startup the system yourself, but those with little to no experience in this matter are bound to face difficulties and make mistakes. In order to make sure your irrigation system lasts and functions properly without requiring any major repairs, it is best to hire professionals.

With years of experience, our trained irrigation technicians can make sure your sprinkler system is ready to function at optimum quality until the next winter. We diagnose and troubleshoot all problems to make sure your lawn gets the care it deserves!

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The time to start irrigation systems during the spring varies according to the area and weather. The general rule of thumb is to start your sprinkler system once the threat of frost has been eradicated. In Portland, the typical growing season lasts from the beginning of April to mid-October. As such, it is a good idea to start your irrigation system between April and May.

Start your system after the soil has defrosted. A good technique is to dig at least one foot into the soil in an unfrequented part of the lawn. If the turf is still frozen, then wait a few weeks before you can startup the sprinklers.


Starting an irrigation system in the spring can be complicated. You need to clean the sprinkler heads, verify that the sprinklers do not have any growth near them to inhibit their operation, and make sure the control panel is working properly.

But that is not all. You also need to vent the system to make sure there is no debris in the pipes. Once you turn on the system, check for leaks in the pipes and repair them if needed.

You will also need to keep a close eye on the pressure and adjust it to make sure the water does not rush through the system. As you can see, this can be a complex activity that is best left to professionals.

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There are many mistakes made by irrigation system owners which end up damaging the lawn sprinklers. The biggest one is to delay repairs. What may seem like a minor problem now, could turn into a huge one down the road.

Apart from this, many irrigation system owners simply rush the process. Not only is it compulsory to test each component of the system properly, large systems require multiple individuals to correctly assess the situation.

Lastly, non-professionals often fail to gauge the right time to start the irrigation system. Just because it is spring, it does not mean the soil is ready to be irrigated. A professional can test the soil properly before firing up your system to avoid any permanent lawn damage.


In order to make sure your system works properly and survives the grueling job it has been given, regular sprinkler maintenance is necessary. Have your system checked at least once a year after starting it up in the spring.

Note that it is best if you hire a professional to inspect the sprinkler system every four or six months. This way, you can weed out any problems before they become significant expenses.

Here is a small checklist if you are performing the maintenance:

  • Check the control panel
  • Check individual pipes and zones
  • Replace the batteries
  • Make sure all the wires are connected properly
  • Make sure all sensors are working (moisture, wind, etc.)
  • Upgrade outdated sprinkler parts

Still, the question to ask yourself is “why go through all the hassle if I may not even be able to properly do the job?”. Call us now to avail our professional spring startup and maintenance service at an extremely competitive price!